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Current event: Brazil tour - February 2007

Vertigo members Marko, Joka, Sander, Carol, Stiv and Slave are on flying tour again. The challenge is Governador Valaders, the world famous flying site. Visit Sander's blog to find out their daily adventures.


Achievements - National league 2006
Karolina Smilevska
1nd Place Female - 4th Place Overall
Eli Krajceska
3rd Place Female
Vertigo's Best Summer Ever - August 2006

Report by Marko Georgiev
After years spent abroad, it was time to drop everything – I mean everything, go home and fly like never before. This was going to be Vertigo's International Gathering #2.

Photo story by Marko Georgiev
32 images
Brazil Tour March 2006

Report by Marko Georgiev
“titankata deneskata picvajzajkata napravenkata” - that how it sounds in wicked Macedonian the titan ruled today
... but let’s start from the beginning.

Photos by Marko Georgiev - Part 1
13 images
Photos by Marko Georgiev - Part 2
21 images
GALLERY - Between two flying seasons
21 images
Dominican Republic Tour November 2005
Report by Carol Cho
Hello Hello! There's a place called VERTIGO…and it's not here…you know…because it sucks here without you all!!! (that was supposed to be read like the U2 song…)
Photos by Marko Georgiev
28 images
Vertigo members from US kiting in the Big Aple
16 images
GALLERY - "Skopska" mountain, Skopje 12.11.2005

Late autumn, cross country season is long over and we can just pray that the weather will give us a little more sun so we can make few more flights and practice on weak thermals. Yes, this was one of those days. You wake up, run to the window to see what is happing outside and than sit in front of your computer, disappointed that the fog has covered your view, you connect to the internet hopping that the weather forecast is not as bad as it looks like. You get disappointed again, weak wind from direction that is not appropriate for the surrounding take-off places. OK, let's be optimist, being on the mountain even just for para - waiting is better that doing anything else in a place covered with fog. Several phone calls and the decision is made “we are going to Skopska Crna Gora!”

Here you can find 22 images from the day which didn't promise much :) .
GALLERY - Oludeniz Turkey October 2005
71 images
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