Paragliding in Macedonia is promoted and regulated by the National Aero Club(NAC) Vozdufoplovna Federacija na Makedonija.

Vertigo's instructor is VFM certified and follows the VFM program for training.

After successfully finished course all students are prepared for exam in VFM and they receive national licence.

with its mountainous masses and the relatively easy access to them, is an extremely favorable area for this kind of sport. The inter-connectivity of the mountainous ridges, the wide valleys and ravines enable a person to stay in the air for hours and often flights of more than 30 kilometers in one direction are accomplished.

Therefore the paragliding CLUB “VERTIGO” is inviting you to a tremendous journey and adventure in the air with: TANDEM FLIGHTS (Instructor + passenger), Individual BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED course, lot of fun in Skopje area and Macedonian mountains. This is a genuine challenge for anyone who wants to fly.

The Paragliding club
that you are joining is “VERTIGO”

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