Paragliding in Macedonia is promoted and regulated by the National Aero Club(NAC) Vozdufoplovna Federacija na Makedonija.

Vertigo's instructor is VFM certified and follows the VFM program for training.

After successfully finished course all students are prepared for exam in VFM and they receive national licence.

To progress from intermediate to the advanced pilot, you need to gain experience by flying different sites and in different conditions. Through the flying season Vertigo leads trips to a ridge soaring and large-mountain thermal sites where you can build the skills for:
  • Soaring on the hill
  • Soaring on the mountain
  • Advanced thermalling
  • Aerodynamics and meteorology
  • Making big ears; B satll, Front stall, Asymmetric collapse
  • Equipment is not included (pilot hould have its own equipment)
    After 10 hours in air Vertigo will administer your exam for paragliding license
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