Paragliding in Macedonia is promoted and regulated by the National Aero Club(NAC) Vozdufoplovna Federacija na Makedonija.

Vertigo's instructor is VFM certified and follows the VFM program for training.

After successfully finished course all students are prepared for exam in VFM and they receive national licence.

Tandem flights are the easiest, fastest and safest way to experience paragliding for the first time. Our Tandem Pilots have flown hundreds of safe, injury free tandem flights. If you can jog 2-3 meters, you can fly with us! After a ten minute briefing our professional tandem pilot will take you into the air for a flight that lasts from 15 - 30 minutes depending on flying conditions.

The passenger (you) and the flight instructor each have their own comfortable harness. You are then connected together and finally connected to the glider. Two minutes later, you're airborne! Once in the air your flight instructor will explain to you what he is doing and how paragliders fly. If conditions permit, you may be offered hands on control of the glider.

Be sure to bring your camera, long pants, a wind stoper, sunglasses and sturdy footwear, preferably boots. A tandem flight is best suited to a person seeking an exciting one time event or for beginner and intermediate pilots wishing to brush up on their skills and learn new ones.
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